The most effective ways to avoid toxic people!

Welcome to another episode of Caterpillar to Butterfly. In this episode Aasiyah Ghazi and I talked about how she was able to get rid of all the negative people in her life.

The purpose of this episode is to show you how negative people will impact our life if we will let them in. In this episode Aasiyah Ghazi showed us when and how she realized that she’s already a victim of this situation, and how she was able to fix it.


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Aasiyah Ghazi bravely faced the problem and tried to solve it. Aasiyah decided to move away from the negative influence she was surrounded with. It was not an easy choice to do. She had to take courage to tell people about their negative influences. At the end, she succeeded in her mission.

Negative people or “toxic people” might be your friends, or family member. It will never be that easy to face these people and tell them your hate, anger, and all the hard feelings inside your heart. By telling what you feel, they might get hurt, or they might feel weird about the way you act. Always remember you always have the right to say “NO” to people who pushes you to do things you don’t want to do, no matter if it is your friend or family member.

As life-hack article says – “We become most like the people that we surround ourselves with. If our friend group is full of negative energy-suckers and drama queens, we will emulate that behavior and become like them. It is very difficult to become more positive when the people around us don’t support or demonstrate positive behavior.”

So watch the episode and see how Aasiyah Ghazi succeeded in her mission on eliminating the bad vibe bringers in her life.

In this episode, we talked about:

1. How did Aasiyah managed to remove all the toxic people in her life?

2. How did she transformed from negative type to a positive kind of person?

3. What are things she did to take the positive way of living everyday?

4. How she helped herself to evolve from a negative caterpillar to a positive butterfly?

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