Simple way to make yourself happy even in the saddest moment If you are trying to stay strong despite all the tears, pain, and sadness in your life, try to schedule a time where you just sit and laugh

Welcome to another episode of Caterpillar to Butterfly. In this episode Rashida Patel and I talked about how she was able to stay strong despite all the tears, pain, and sadness in her life.

We all have struggles and challenges in our life. We do go through a lot of challenges that make us ask ourselves: How can I possibly overcome this situation?
How can I get myself going through this difficult time?

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Laughing helps to reduce stress in our life and makes us think better. But when we have struggles in our life, we never think to take time to laugh.
That is what our guest Rashida Patel did. She went through a lot of struggles and challenges. Her daughter diagnosed with lupus, and her husband passed away.
Yet, she remained strong. How did she manage to be happy given all the struggles? Her secret: “Scheduling time to laugh”,  where everyone in her family come together and they talked about funny things, and they laugh.

In this episode, we talked about:

1. How Rashida Patel remained strong despite of all the challenges she went through

2. How did she help her daughter with her sickness

3. How did the death of his husband affect her

4. What is her caterpillar to butterfly story

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