How to value people who helped you even if you are too busy in life? Do you remember those who helped you in your life?

Welcome to another episode of Caterpillar to Butterfly. In this episode Jeniffer Zeng and I talked about how thankful she is to have someone who helped her reach her dreams.


Do you know someone who helped you at the most important time of your life? Someone who stayed with you when you got a problem, and you’re always feeling grateful for that person.
In this episode, our guest Jennifer Zeng told us of her struggle, and how her school teacher came to help her.

How about your life ? Do you remember those who helped you in your life ? Where are they now. Do they need our help ?

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May be it is time for us to reach out to those who helped us in our life, and tell them “Thank you”

In this episode, we talked about:

  1. How did her childhood went through?
  2. How did she manage to stay strong for her siblings?
  3. How did her teacher help her?
  4. How would you know if you need a help?
  5. Her caterpillar to butterfly story


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