How to take control of your busy life? Two things that you can do today if you are looking to overcome homelessness – Decision and having a Mentor

Welcome to another episode of Caterpillar to Butterfly. In this episode Miguel Dean and I talked about how he was able to overcome homelessness.


If you are currently homeless, and you don’t have a place to live, then here is one thing you can do today to start moving towards a life that can take you out of homelessness. It is to make a “decision” today to overcome your struggles. It means that you have to decide that you will come out of homelessness.

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Let be this day the demarcation point in your life. The time that you are going to say “I am going to change. This way of life is not for me.”

One more thing you will need is mentors. We need somebody who can mentor us in our transformation.

One person, I know who went through homelessness is our guest Miguel Dean. Miguel went through a lot of struggle and challenges. Today he is a coach, trainer and successful person.
How did he make things happen in his life? It’s simple; he made a decision. He decided that he’s going to change, and then he found a mentor to help him achieve his goal.
Watch the full episode and see how did Miguel Dean made things happen in his life.

In this episode, we talked about:

1. How did he overcome homelessness

2. How did he realized that he need to change his way of thinking

3. What inspires him to change

4. His caterpillar to butterfly story

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