How to self-publish a book if you are too busy to find a publisher? If you are looking for help with regards to self-publishing of your books fast and easy, you are in the right place!

In this video I talked about a method on how you can publish your books in Amazon quickly. Also in the video I am going to tell you how to get access to an interview with the Amazon’s best selling author Cali Gilbert. So, just relax and enjoy the video!

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This video is about my experience on how I self-published my two books namely, “Caterpillar to Butterfly” and “How to read one book a week.” You can get a copy of my books here. So, are you still using a traditional way of publishing your books? Do you still have to grab your car keys to go and publish your books to a publishing company?

In this generation where almost everything is accessible through the internet, people often buy things online. No hassle, and less time and energy consumption. Amazon has this free self-publishing platform called createspace. In this platform, you will be able to customize your book the way you want it. Once you have finished the customization process, Amazon will create a Kindle version of the book, and you can start selling. Not just that, Amazon also has this “print on demand” service where you can sell your book as a physical copy. When someone buys your book, Amazon will print the book as a physical copy and send it to the buyer. Awesome, isn’t it? Now, compare it with the traditional way of publishing where you have to print out everything and store it in your place.

I am not against to any traditional book publishing company. As Caterpillar to Butterfly’s is goal to help busy people, I am giving them tips in a way that I am helping them.

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