How to save money?:Pay yourself first!

Today, let’s talk about saving money!

Money saving was one of my struggles until I found some techniques and learned from my mistakes.

I will talk to you about the 1st key thing to save money which helps me; it is “pay yourself first before you pay others.” Usually when we got some money or we got our paycheck we used to pay all the bills immediately, electricity, internet bills, house rents, and everything. Then we ended up less money, while still more days ahead of us.

Let’s break the mainstream!

Let’s flip it. When you get your salary, get some percentage first (preferably 10%). “Oh, I cannot afford to save 10% of my salary”, then start with the amount you can afford not to touch. Take it completely out of your way.

How can you do it in a way that you will less notice it?

Automate it. Once your salary has been released, make an automation that will take 10% of your salary and put it in your savings bank. This strategy is not a rocket science; you can go ahead start immediately.

Save yourself 1st, by paying yourself 1st.

I hope this video will help you improve your way of living. There will be more!

I will talk to you next week for the following money management technique!

Have a great day!

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