How to overcome stress addiction before it ruins your life? What could be the reason you always gets stress?

Welcome to another episode of Caterpillar to Butterfly. In this episode Anita Alleyne and I talked about how stress affect her life, physically and emotionally. How did she recovers from it?

We all get stress in our life. Long hours, sleepless, tension, worries, and many more factors contribute to our stress. What if there is something inside you that is causing you to get all these external reasons?

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As pointed in this Time Magazine article – Stress “addict” may be using endless to-do lists to avoid less-easy-to-itemize problems — feelings of inadequacy, family conflicts, or other unresolved personal issues.

In this video, she opens herself and tell us her story on various stress events that took place in her life and how she figured out the actual cause of stress – Her addiction to it.

Anita Alleyne is a public speaker, Realtor, life coach and an aspiring entrepreneur. She currently lives in the United States. She has extensive training in the personal development and life coaching area, and she uses her skills to improve the quality of people’s life.


In this episode, we talked about:

1. How did Anita found out that she was addicted to stress?
2. How did she overcame stress addiction?
3. What are things she did to overcome stress addiction?

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