Episode #TopicGuestKey Discussion Summary
1Do you know that breast cancer is preventable?Kristina SampsonSee how Kristina Sampson survived from breast cancer, and what are things she learned from the disease. You might want to grab a pen and paper, and list all the useful things from the episode.
2How to avoid toxic people?Aasiyah GhaziAasiyah Ghazi bravely faced the problem and tried to solve it. Aasiyah decided to move away from the negative influence she was surrounded with.
3How to self publish a book?Cali GilbertOur guest for today is best selling author Cali Gilbert. She share with us five strategies on marketing a book to become a bestseller.
4How to be happy in life even if life is full of sadness?Rashida PatelLaughing helps to reduce stress in our life and makes us think better. But when we have struggles in our life, we never think to take time to laugh.
5How to take control of your life?Miguel DeanIf you are currently homeless, and you don’t have a place to live, then here is one thing you can do today to start moving towards a life that can take you out of homelessness.
6How important is education?Marie RoweIn this episode of the show, we have our guest Marie Rowe who is an Hollywood actress. She went through a lot of difficulties and challenges. She worked hard on it, and she’s now a successful person.
7How to value people who helped you?Jennifer ZengDo you know someone who helped you at the most important time of your life? Someone who stayed with you when you got a problem, and you’re always feeling grateful for that person.
8How to deal with stress?Anita AlleyneWe all get stress in our life. Long hours, sleepless, tension, worries, and many more factors contribute to our stress. What if there is something inside you that is causing you to get all these external reasons?

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