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Brendon Burchard is the world’s leading high-performance coach and one of the most-watched, quoted and followed personal development trainers in history. He is a successful online entrepreneur, best-selling author, and a sought-after coach. More than that, he is a great human being.

I attended one of his LIVE events – World’s Greatest Speaker Trainer (WGST) – where we learned about strategies used by World’s greatest speakers. At the end of the event, he challenged us to a 52-week video challenge. The challenge was – if I shoot one video every week for a year without missing, then at the end of 52 weeks (i.e., one year) Brendon’s team will pick the best video out of the 52 and post it on his Facebook page of 4 million fans!

I took up the challenge, and for last one year, I recorded one video per week and posted to our website. More than the 52 videos I recorded during the year, I became a better communicator and my confidence in front of camera increased as well!

Here are the 52 videos I recorded during the challenge

EpisodesDateTopicKey Discussion Summary
Week 528/8/2016Brendon Challenge completionIt's done! I did it!
Week 518/1/2016Role IdentityAnother idea other than Role Ownership
Week 507/25/2016Motivation Vs Role OwnershipI am thinking which one I am going to use: Motivation or Role Ownership
Week 497/18/2016Transformation Ladder – OverviewHere's some overview of my Transformation ladder
Week 487/11/2016Transformation Ladder – Step 1What would be my first step in transformation ladder
Week 477/4/2016Discussing my new framework and changes to itSo I have to do some changes to my framework. Find out why and the changes
Week 466/27/2016My new frameworkIn this video I discussed my new framework
Week 456/20/2016 Email sequence for newsletter seriesI talked about my email autorespond sequence
Week 446/13/2016Using Kanvz – a new content creation platformHow can you use kanvz as content publishing platform
Week 436/6/2016Story Pro membershipMy story pro membership plan
Week 425/30/2016Udemy course on optimizing landing pageLearn to optimize your landing pages!
Week 415/23/2016Our youtube video strategyIn this video I talked about my strategy on creating Youtube video
Week 405/16/2016Our First YouTube VideoOur first Youtube video went live!
Week 395/9/2016Did you know that breast cancer is preventable?In this video, I talked about the idea that breast cancer is preventable as stated by our guest Kristina Sampson and proven by most of medical experts
Week 385/2/2016How to stay positive?In this video, I talked about how our guest Aasiyah ghazi takes action to get rid of all negative people around her
Week 374/25/2016 How to self-publish your bookIn this episode I talked about how to self publish a book
Week 364/18/2016My Friday plan to weekly trafficI got 6 new members this weekend. I want to continue this momentum I got after my e-book launch. We have 40 subscribers so far in the list till date. In this video I talk about my strategy to get weekly traffic from Facebook.
Week 354/11/2016My 90 days email coursee got 25 members within the first two days of launch, and right now we have 30 people in the list. How did this happen?
Week 344/4/2016Launch Update
Week333/28/2016Intro to Buffer facebook scheduling toolAre you familiar with Buffer? Here I talked about how it helped me schedule my facebook posts
week323/21/2016Story Club membership newsletter to be sent this weekI am going to send a newsletter this week! It's about my story club upgrade!
week313/7/2016Short Video on GumroadLet's discover Gumroad!
week302/29/2016Our youtube strategyIn this video I talked about my Youtube strategy, and how I plan to execute it.
week292/22/2016Elements of Style by William StrunkSince I am trying to master my english writing skill, I am going to share to you the Elements of Style by William Strunk
week282/15/2016Caterpillar to Butterfly Content StrategyIn this video I talked about my content strategy.
My three levels of newsletter subscribers
In this episode, I talk about the three levels of newsletter subscribers I have for my newsletter. Hope you like the session.
Week262/1/2016One thing you can do today to achieve long term successIn this video, I talked about our guest Miguel Dean, who went from homelessness, violence, drugs to a very successful coach
Week251/25/2016Inside Look into Pat Flynn’s Email The Smart Way BookIn this session, I take an inside look on the ebook “Email the smart way”, written by Pat Flynn. This is a book that can help you in your email list building process.
Week241/18/2016Success cannot be achieved overnightIn this video I talked about how did Marie Rowe (Hollywood actress) went through struggles before she achieved success.
Week231/11/2016Intro To Lead Pages and Optimize PressIn this weeks video, I do an intro to leadpages and optimze press. I show how they are different from each other, and advantage of one over other.
Week221/4/2016 Value people who helped youIn this video, I talked about our guest Jennifer Zeng who was very thankful that her teacher helped her through her success
Week2112/28/2015Find out interested members from Aweber for my mailchimp migrationIn this video post I talked about what I did there and the results I got.
Week2012/21/2015Highest converting landing pageIn this session I am going to talk about one of those landing pages. It is from, which is a website where you can create landing pages for your marketing.
Week1912/14/2015Is purchasing an email a good option?In this video I shared my idea about buying an email list
Week1812/7/2015How to Decide your Ad Budget For Email List Building?In this video I talk about a simple process you can apply to make this decision.
Week1711/30/2015What’s the best email provider for beginner? Aweber or Mailchimp?Which one is the best email provider for beginners? Aweber or Mailchimp?
Week1611/23/2015I am running a Facebook ads!In this video I talked about my plan on doing Facebook advertisement
Week1511/16/2015 Stress managementIn this video I talked about our guest Anita Alleyne and how stress affect her life
Week1411/9/2015How to do email marketing through list segmentation?In this video, I talked about list segmentation and how important it is in email marketing.
Week1311/2/2015What is email success index?This week’s “How to build your email list up”. In this video, I talked about a score that I created to track my email list success. It is called, “Email Success Index.”
Week1210/26/2015How to classify hot and cold? I talked about how I am classifying my show episodes into “cold” and “hot” episodes.
Week1110/19/2015How to send email using Sendy tool?I talked about a tool called sendy which can be used to sent emails very inexpensively.
Week1010/12/2015How did we get our 1st email subscriber? talked about our first subscriber that we got this
week for my caterpillar to butterfly show.
Week910/5/2015Why we are migrating from aweber to mailchimpI talked about my strategy to move from aweber to mail chimp for my email list (and why).
Week89/28/2015What is a breakeven funnel?“Breakeven funnel”, and why it is important for you to know about this.
Week79/21/2015Paid vs Organic trafficBalancing short term strategy of paid ads Vs long term strategy of organic traffic
Week69/14/2015What is the concept of abstraction?I talked about – Concept of ‘abstraction’ when doing traffic work – Difference between owned, paid, earned traffic – My new traffic intensive course with Eben Pagan
Week59/7/2015How important is google adword in marketing?In this episode I talk about how I plan to use google adwords and display advertisement for my optin page.
Week48/31/2015New strategy to build your email listThe idea was – if I have an optin page and for every hundred people who comes to the site, say 5 people signup.
Week38/24/2015How to build your email using optin pages?I have told here all the strategy I did last week to double my email subscribers. One thing I did was, making my website video pages an opt-in page
Week28/17/2015How good is convertkit?This video is all about what I learned this week in email marketing and strategy. I actually discovered a new email provider that has unique features that other email providers dont have – it’s called convertkit.
Week18/10/2015IntroductionI am going to post one video a week for next one year. Videos will be posted every Monday. Videos might be show related or not.