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About Sijith Salim

Hi everyone. My name is Sijith Salim, and I host the show “Caterpillar to Butterfly.” This show was created for all of us who have ongoing issues in our lives and are in need for support through our own journey to transform from a Caterpillar to a Butterfly.

The mission statement for this show is to connect people who need help with those who can help. The purpose of the show is to provide Caterpillars resources to help them in their mental, emotional and physical fitness, which will help them in their own Caterpillar to Butterfly journey.

About the Show

So many of us go through many issues and problems daily, but we cannot find the right resource/advice to receive the help we are seeking. The intention for this show is bring guests from whom we can learn how to overcome these difficulties. That is why this show was created.

The Caterpillar to Butterfly show has lined up wonderful guests for upcoming episodes – such guests who will be speaking to us are experts in the fields of alcohol recovery, porn addiction, stress management, work and life balance, relationships, and much more. My hope is that this show will become a source of inspiration and hope while linking people to the best resources available all over the world.

This is also a platform for people who are working in the holistic and mental health fields, such as therapists, doctors, healers, nutritionists and coaches, to spread their message of hope and work with a bigger audience.

Two kinds of guests

1) Butterflies – These are people who have gone through a tough and challenging period in their lives, learned to overcome their issues, and are now an inspiration to others in the world. In the show, Butterflies share their transformational personal stories with us on the show, encouraging people to learn from them and keeo hope.

2) People who have a calling to help people in their Caterpillar to Butterfly journey and who work in the holistic and mental health care fields. I ask them how their work/business can help people in their caterpillar to butterfly journey and to give us tips and techniques that will help people in their day to day lives.
My priority will be to bring guests who can give credible scientific, research and guidance from their own experiences that will be to the benefit of everyone.

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My Facebook fan page – https://www.facebook.com/caterpillartobutterflytv

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Sijith Salim

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